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Coach, Consultant or Creative entrepreneur?

The Start It And Supercharge Mastermind Program will take you from Inspiration To Income!

Are you a coach, consultant or creative entrepreneur looking to enjoy the kind of self-fulfillment and success that you believed was only possible for other people?

Launching a passion-led/heart-led business, and fast-tracking your path to profitability is what you were destined to do.
Ready to change your life by launching and growing a sustainable purpose-led business?

The Start It And Supercharge is a 6 Month Live Program designed to reset your mindset and grow a sustainable purpose-led business. 


“Never underestimate the power you have to create a life that makes you truly happy.”


For too long I’ve seen talented professionals feeling like an imposter in their own lives and lacking the self-belief to make those desired transitions. This limits their power and leaves them feeling frustrated with their situation, limiting their ability to step into their true calling.

Does this sound like you?

Often you feel like an imposter in your own life and you’re lacking the self-belief to make those desired transitions

You’re constantly on the receiving end of unrealistic expectations and struggling to maintain boundaries between a healthy home and work life.

You are staying in toxic environments, making fear-based decisions and putting yourself last.

You’re feeling frustrated with your situation and thinking success is somehow not for you?

What would it be like if…?

You were to put your energy towards the things you enjoy and feel more connected to your vision and goals?

You could create more time for what truly matters and raise and reach your true potential?

You could confidently move forward with your creative strengths towards your ideal lifestyle?

You were able to stay on track and advance everything you desire, from a place of power and resilience.

Ditch your self-doubt and become unstoppable. This programme gives you the tools to build a business, embrace your fears and claim a happier, more rewarding life.

- Eliminate self-limiting beliefs
- Reset your thinking on your money making ability
- Cultivate your confidence and become unstoppable 
- Learn mindfulness techniques that combat stress
- Challenge your fears and unleash the power of positive thought
- Develop the bouncebackability every entrepreneur needs

Shift your mindset to success.


Avoid the overwhelm and feel in control. Secure your dream clients and supercharge your revenue potential. We cover everything you need to hone your strategic thinking and bring about the big picture results you dream of. 

- Learn how to get ultra organised to leverage your time 
- Understand how to build buzz for a successful business or course launch
- Implement strategies convert your first customers
- Learn how to prioritise and make progress every single day

Focus your business strategy to attract customers from day one.


My tailor-made programme has been designed to give coaches, consultants and creative entrepreneurs a tangible and bespoke course of action. Clarify your business vision and understand exactly how to make it a reality. By-pass the costly mistakes that most start-ups make. 

-Gain clarity on your business model and launch plan
-Understand who your ideal customers are, and how to find them
-Design winning packages that convert to customers
-Master your branding and how to tell your story
-Gain practical tools on marketing and social media

Go from zero to launch. 


With the system I’ve developed, it's been proven time and time again it’s possible to completely change your life by launching and growing a successful online business and support you to advance with balance, synergy and joy at the heart of every strategic decision. 

Are you truly ready to receive it all? Here’s what we’ll cover: 

There’s a simpler, faster and more soulful way to launch and grow a successful business, and you’re in the right place. 


In this first module we’ll take an in-depth look at your business – what it is you’re trying to create, your vision, your goals and your why. In other words, what is the dream? Just how big do you want your business to be? Just how life changing do you want this venture to become?

Your business, vision and why

Module 1


Essentially, without an ideal client, you don’t have a business. When you know WHO you’re selling to, you can sell to them more effectively. The more you understand about who they are and what their problems are and how they might already have tried to solve them, the better equipped you are to create the right brand positioning, messaging and narrative and product offering to attract, engage and convert that ideal client into a paying customer.  

Understanding your ideal client

Module 2


Branding is the DNA of your business and approach. Your brand is how your clients make sense of you and your offering. Through your business aesthetic, your brand tone of voice, the design of your website and the way you package your services you are able to communicate an awful lot about your values and what you stand for. Together we will ensure that your brand generates meaning and that meaning sparks emotional connections which are the fundamental thing you need to inspire in order to convert leads into clients and create a business that’s head and shoulders above the rest. 

Defining your brand and packaging your offering 

Module 3


In this module we’re going to take a long hard look at your attitudes around money and success and use this as a springboard to help you set your business some exciting (and totally achievable) financial targets. We’ll start by deep diving into your financial past, present and future and then we’re going to be looking at your marketing must-haves for launching your business successfully and growing your reach. 


Module 4


In Module 5 it’s time to talk about pricing and selling. By the end of this module you will: Understand the difference between cost, price and value. Understand the value of your services. Understand different pricing strategies. Have developed your pricing rationale. Understand the essential elements for effective selling. Have developed a bespoke template for making successful sales calls. Feel confident with how to sell your services.


Module 5


It’s time to get down to business - literally. In this module we will be covering the essential elements of strategy that you must have in place before you launch your new business and will be checking off everything you need to do before going live with your product or service. There’s a lot to cover here but my aim is to give you a really practical and user friendly guide that you can use to inform your business and to launch with confidence.


Module 6


In this Module 7, we’re going to focus on how to grow your audience. We’ll be looking specific measures and actions you can take on different social media platforms in order to attract interest and new clients. We’ll also be covering off how to make your content consistent and how to use it to boost your brand, your visibility and conversion, and all while streamlining your workload. Plus we’ll be examining some of the main principles you need to incorporate into your approach in order to create long term growth. 


Module 7


This module is all about how to optimise your offering to achieve more sales and growth and ultimately lead you to achieve your business vision more quickly.  To optimise means to make something work as well as it can. That means refining and reviewing and taking brave steps to ensure you are not just delivering on your client's expectations but going a little bit further too. 


Module 8


For this module we’ll be looking at the kinds of networking and business partnerships that can help you to grow your brand and reach your strategic aims. The reason I want to zoom in on this particular kind of partnership is because they are by far and away one of the most powerful strategies to grow your brand awareness, maximise your audience and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. I’m going to get you ready to hit the ground running and primed to start creating your own powerful partnerships.


Module 9


Every business needs a leader but when you’re the only person in your business it can be difficult to think of yourself as such. That’s one mistake you don’t want to make. While you maybe head of just about everything in your business, failing to think about yourself as a leader is a missed opportunity. In this module I’ll be telling you why and just what kind of business transformation you can expect from taking on a more leadership orientated approach to running your company.


Module 10


Designed to inspire you to take positive and empowering actions toward getting fully booked. Those two magic words mean that your business is thriving and that you’re doing something right. Hurrah! Fully booked means in demand, it means you’re hot property and that you’re reaching and hopefully even exceeding your targets. So how do you go about getting fully booked? And what to do once you’re already at maximum capacity.


Module 11


This module is all about giving you the tools to not only push yourself and continually demand the best of your business, but it’s also balanced with strategies for building resilience and carving out headspace and opportunities to practice self-care because as cliched as those two words have become, without a healthy measure of self-compassion and me-time there is only one place for you to end up – Burnoutville – and no one wants to end up there! So let’s get stuck in and then you’re going to be ready to take the world by storm with your incredible new perspective, skillset and vision. There’ll be no stopping you.


Module 12

Across the 6 months and just 12 modules you’ll be well ahead of the game, and will feel able to embrace your future and hit the ground running with a growth-secure business you can feel confident about.

1 x one to one 90 minute kick off session with Shereen

DISC personality profiling to understand strengths and challenges

30 day content planner

Simple tech support to get set up



Rebecca Kornmehl 

"Her gentle manner combined with a methodical approach to business growth gave me the confidence to explore strategies previously deemed way outside of my comfort zone. Our regular sessions gave my progress structure and held me accountable to my goals (whether they were to race forward or rest up); and it was invaluable being able to pepper Shereen with questions in between sessions. Her feedback was always thought-provoking and helped me maintain momentum in the moments I most needed it. I highly value Shereen’s generosity and authenticity. She shared her knowledge, experience and time without reserve; and always honouring my role as the expert on myself. I would highly recommend Shereen as a coach for anyone wanting to achieve their full potential in business and life — and I like to think I know a little about this being a business and career coach myself!”

“With Shereen’s support, I was able to achieve my 6-month business goals in 3 months."


"Before I found Shereen I knew what I wanted for my business but I had no idea how or when I would get there. In the short time we have been working together I really feel as if I am a new person and my business is taking some serious shape. Goals that we set together in the first week, that seemed slightly unrealistic at the time, have been and gone and are now superseded by even bigger dreams that I could have never imagined before. Shereen gives me the confidence to 100% be myself and to step into my light as I share my vision and expertise with the world. Some days I really have to pinch myself when I think about how far I have come in just a few short months. I highly recommend Shereen for her holistic style of business coaching and her enthusiasm, authenticity and genuine passion for entrepreneurs and their journey."

"I feel motivated, in control and excited – both personally and professionally."



”As a new entrepreneur bringing my therapy and mindset coaching practice online, I knew I wanted someone who would provide me with not only the business expertise but also the mindfulness practice that I know to be so beneficial. In many ways I followed my gut intuition and just sensed that Shereen’s energy was going to be a match, and it was. She has been exactly what I’ve needed to help me balance strategic business planning with self-care and pacing."

"I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to level up with a balanced approach."


Lauren Martin

“From the day I virtually met Shereen, I instantly knew she was the business coach I needed! I would highly recommend Shereen to any business starting up or any entrepreneur. Our sessions are full of positivity and motivation. Shereen keeps me on track to achieve and exceed my personal and business goals. Shereen is a warm, trustworthy, lovely, professional coach - she has given me the confidence and knowledge to achieve anything and everything. If you want to level up and grow your business – all I am saying is, you need Shereen in your life (and business)!!” 

"My business has grown from strength to strength all with Shereen’s support and expertise."


Across 6 months and just 12 modules you’ll be well ahead of the game, and will feel able to embrace your future and hit the ground running with a growth-secure business you can feel confident about.

Start It and Supercharge It is tailor-made for entrepreneurs who are serious about making lasting change in their businesses and their lives.

I developed it to give you maximum value and total support.




6 x Payments


£2700.00 Earlybird

1 x Payment



3 x Payment

The Investment

If you'd                 to...


Feel confident about what you want your business to look like (and know how to make this happen)

Get real about your desires for your life and your business

Learn marketing, social media and pricing strategies that convert to loyal customers 

Network with likeminded entrepreneurs for ongoing support

Spend more time with your family, alongside growing your business.





"In less than 6 months we have completely changed the focus of my business, and not only turning it into a legit business but also ensuring my business supports my personal goals."

"After working with Shereen, my team are motivated, valued and engaged, you couldn’t ask for a better ROI."

"My time working with Shereen had been invaluable to moving me on from a very troubled place to a completely new and positive situation in a remarkably short time."

"Not only is Shereen clearly knowledgeable but she also works with heart, with a real wish for your success. Having a coach like Shereen is a great investment for your success!"

"Shereen helped me to validate my ideas, better understand why I was moving in a certain direction, how to move beyond and that and most of all that I wasn’t alone in the work. ”"

"I felt as though, for the first time in years, someone listened to me without judgement. There was no template with Shereen’s work; it felt personal and tailor-made to my own unique situation."


We've got answers


I'm afraid I don't have enough money to afford this

This is a valid emotion especially with so many courses out there making promises and not delivering. We feel your pain. However, ask yourself what is the cost to you if you don't get the right support? ⁣
⁣You have our word this is different. Start It and Supercharge It is unlike anything we've seen in the online space and is the quickest path to launching and growing a scalable purpose driven business.
Which is why I want to share some of the case studies from our clients and their results over the next few days and I may even my own story around money and my own limiting beliefs and stories to inspire you.

It’s also the roadmap we use for all of our 1-2-1 clients and teaches you how to build a scalable business from the get-go. If you follow our method it works every time and with a 30-day money-back guarantee this is a win-win.. ⁣

My business idea is still very much at concepy stage, would this still help?

YES! Here's why... My Start It and Supercharge It modules will be super relevant for you at both the concept stage as well as at the growth stage of your online business. My strategic approach is not a one size fits all and so we work together to create a bespoke solution that is tailored to you and the unique stage that you are at.

As we run a number of programs throughout the year we can’t guarantee this exact package will be around for long, so we advise you to grab it now. ⁣

When is the deadline to join?

You can join Start It and Supercharge It right NOW. The deadline for your enrollment is 27th May , but the bonuses on offer close Monday 23rd May. So, now is the time to invest if you want to turn your idea from inspiration to income and grab this at the lowest price it will EVER be.⁣

How many hours will I need to invest in the program to get profitable results? ⁣

This is entirely up to you as you are in charge of your learning journey. You can follow this at your own pace, simply watch the welcome video, read the rules, and follow the modules and lessons. ⁣⁣
New content will be dripped out to you every 2 weeks and there is lots of support available to help you to complete each module.

What kind of support will I have?

You will have access to me in our LIVE training sessions in a private Facebook group where you’ll receive strategic coaching, actionable implementation and accountability support. And you'll also be working alongside a community of fellow digital entrepreneurs cheering you on.⁣

In addition to this, we will be running a Live Synergy session EVERY month where you will have the opportunity to check in with your energy and balance. ⁣Think meditation, mindfulness and breathwork - all with the aim of supporting your mindset and beautifully balanced productivity.

What if I change my mind? 

This is the experience of a lifetime, but if you try the program for 30 days and it's not for you, no hard feelings we will give you your money back. ⁣
⁣PS. This offer is available until 23rd May at 5pm. If you’d like to get in on the EARLY BIRD OFFER, before the price increase significantly, then I would love to invite you into a conversation with me and my team.⁣⁣⁣
As you can imagine the return on this is LIFE CHANGING.⁣⁣⁣
We have limited spaces left and would love to hear from you!⁣⁣⁣

What if I want to upgrade to the next level or a 1:1 later?

That’s no problem at all. I run a number of programs throughout the year for entrepreneurs at various stages of their business so please do reach out and let’s have a chat.