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For ambitious coaches, consultants & creative entrepreneurs with the drive and determination to make their dreams a reality.


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My 1:1 Business Coaching is designed to give you personalised high-level support, so you can get clear on exactly what you need to do to secure business success. If you’re passionate about your vision but need support to get you there, if you want regular coaching to keep you goal-focused as you grow your business, then my 1:1 Business Coaching programme has your name on it. I’m a huge believer in keeping things real and creating genuine relationships with people. There’s a magic that happens when working with an individual on a 1:1 basis, because together it allows us to identify your hidden potential and learn how to put it into action. The results are truly game-changing.

If you’re 100% committed to creating lasting change in your life, up-scaling your business, boosting your earning potential and changing your mindset, read on.


“My business coaching equips you with the precise practical tools you need to get you where you want to be.”

You want to grow your business faster without the overwhelm.
You want to feel more confident, more capable and have more clarity about what’s holding you back, what you need to change and what comes next.
You want to streamline your business journey to success.
You’re wildly ambitious and want to make it big but don’t know where to focus your energy.
You want a professional to give in-depth attention to your business. I’ll be giving you my undivided focus, bespoke resources and knowledge.
You want success without stress. I’ll teach you proven mindfulness techniques that can help you manage your business and life more positively.

You want personalised and step-by-step support on your journey to help you problem-solve, strategize and overcome challenges that are specific to you and your business or career.

You’re committed to transforming your life and want to make sure change actually happens. I’ll keep you on track with bespoke targets and on-going support.

1:1 Bespoke Business Coaching is not only life-changing, it’s life-affirming. In our regular sessions I’ll be completely committed to tackling your challenges, ensuring your success and crafting a unique action plan for your happiness. Using a mix of practical exercises, strategic and mindfulness work, your 1:1 Bespoke Business Coaching with me will be tailored to you, your needs and your business.

1:1 Bespoke Business Coaching is for you if:


You’ll have regular one-on-one time with me, access to my library of coaching, entrepreneurial and mindfulness resources, my expert team and my referrals. Of course, every business journey and personal journey is different, which means no two 1:1 Bespoke Business Coaching courses are the same. Each course will be completely custom-made to provide you with the support, strategy, tools and actions that are relevant to your individual circumstances.

This personalised programme involves working closely with me over an agreed timeframe

How it all works

“My time working with Shereen had been invaluable to moving me on from a very troubled place to a completely new and positive situation in a remarkably short time. With Shereen’s help I was able to make huge strides towards where I was aiming to get to and feel like a very different person. The coaching has also given me the tools to hopefully continue in a positive way and a feeling of strength and confidence that I can do so. It’s really been a life changing experience!”

— Head of Insight - Government

"I feel like a very different person."

"I have already recommended friends to work with Shereen as her experience, knowledge and ability to really understand what YOU need in order to grow your business is invaluable. If you are starting your own business, it can be a tough and somewhat lonely place sometimes and we all need a Shereen in our back pocket to cheer us on and support us to thrive.”

— Nutritional Therapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist - Urban Wellness

"She understood what I needed to grow my business."

“Shereen has a very engaging and empathetic coaching style and gives you the tools to find solutions and make real changes for yourself. With a fresh perspective on a situation and creative frameworks to work through how to gain better results, coaching with Shereen has helped me to take on new work challenges with confidence and make them a success. ”

— Client Services Director - Digital PR Agency

"I can take on challenges with confidence."

"Shereen gave me such useful insights and provided me with a strategy plan that gives me the clarity I’ve been seeking. Not only is Shereen clearly knowledgeable but she also works with heart, with a real wish for your success. Having a coach like Shereen is a great investment for your success!"

- Founder and Creative Director - Bespoke Travel

"The best investment for your success!"


What It's Like To Work With Me

Gain clarity on your business vision and your professional and personal goals.

Identify what’s not working, what and how you need to change, what your strengths are AND how to max these to your advantage.

Identify and break down the self-imposed barriers that are holding you back from meeting your wealth potential, and learn how to consciously attract and earn the money you’re capable of.

Focus your business offering, refine your model and isolate the messaging that will convert your clients.

Discover how to harness the power of mindfulness to gain balance in your work and personal life - so you can have more control of your time.

Come away with a tailor-made plan of next steps and actions to move closer to your goals.

Understand and implement fail-safe advertising and marketing techniques to attract your ideal clients and increase your ROI.

Learn how to turn leads into clients

While every 1:1 Bespoke Business Coaching programme is different there are some consistent topics that come up again and again. Depending on your needs, you can expect us to touch on some of the following:


An intensive review of your bespoke coaching, and a map setting out your next steps following the end of our time together.

Introductions to my expert team (including copy writer, web designer, tech, digital and social specialists).

Access to my library of coaching resources and entrepreneurial workbooks.

Unlimited email support between video calls and check in phone calls as required.

A personalised business and life strategy plan so you can get focused on what the changes are that will transform your future.

We’ll have a 60 minute personalised coaching video call every 2 weeks.

A pre-coaching workbook so I can understand you and your business before we start working together.

What's Included


Let's chat to see if we are a good fit.

"In less than 6 months we have completely changed the focus of my business, and not only turning it into a legit business but also ensuring my business supports my personal goals."

"After working with Shereen, my team are motivated, valued and engaged, you couldn’t ask for a better ROI."

"My time working with Shereen had been invaluable to moving me on from a very troubled place to a completely new and positive situation in a remarkably short time."

"Not only is Shereen clearly knowledgeable but she also works with heart, with a real wish for your success. Having a coach like Shereen is a great investment for your success!"

"Shereen helped me to validate my ideas, better understand why I was moving in a certain direction, how to move beyond and that and most of all that I wasn’t alone in the work. ”"

"I felt as though, for the first time in years, someone listened to me without judgement. There was no template with Shereen’s work; it felt personal and tailor-made to my own unique situation."