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Hi, I'm Shereen - It's lovely to meet you and thanks for checking out my services.

I get it. For me, there’s no feeling of power or satisfaction quite like the one that comes from believing in your work and achieving the goals you set out to smash. That buzz can be so addictive but sometimes that feel good factor can wane when the pressure mounts, or there’s a mismatch between values and an imbalance between life and work factors.

As a professional coach my role is to support ambitious individuals to thrive - to reach their leadership potential – to launch their businesses – to forge sustainable success in a way that negotiates the hard parts while finding harmony with their talents, values, visions and goals.

I help my clients get clarity, build resilience, step into their power, shift their perspective and get strategic about how to practically achieve their work and lifestyle objectives. And all without having to sacrifice their health or happiness!

If you’re looking at this page, the chances are that your business or career has always been important to you.

My background is in the fast-paced creative world of advertising so I understand first-hand the thrill of life in the fast lane as well as the stress it can lead to, but most importantly I also know how transformative regular coaching can be.

The way I work involves in-session coaching, focused exercises, strategic practices and peer support combined with an emphasis on mindset. I offer a range of coaching programmes that cater for a range of client and high achievers, from CEOs, directors and entrepreneurs, new business owners and corporates. So wherever you are right now, I can help you develop the strength, strategies and self-belief to succeed and design the future you want.

I’m a fully qualified Executive and Business Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner. 


I hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Executive & Business Coaching. I am also certified by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council at Senior Practitioner Level. I qualified at Leeds Beckett University, a highly regarded program in association with Novum. I have been working as an executive and business coach for the last 5 years and have coached teams to success throughout my career in advertising.



I’ve worked in corporate environments and have entrepreneurial experience running a successful business. This means I have a 360 understanding of business challenges from launch to hiring a team and beyond.

'Business Focused'


Success is meaningless if it’s not accompanied by happiness. For me, mental health and wellbeing are sacrosanct which is why I use proven meditative and mindful techniques to help you feel stronger and happier. I am a qualified Mindfulness, Relaxation and Meditation Coach.



When you work with me you’re in it to win it. Coaching has to lead somewhere, and I take great pleasure in supporting you to reach your goals.

'Success Oriented'


Talking can be productive, but actions matter because actions get results. I have a practical approach and give you the tools to make things happen.



I’m a real person, like you. I have two children and love running and being in the great outdoors. I work in London and spend the rest of my time on the coast on the beautiful Isle of Wight. My work style is genuine and challenging without being overwhelming.


Why Work With Me?

For me, coaching is about giving people the space, support and strategies to claim their potential and step into their power. I'm interested in the story of how you are where you are and will help you rewrite your narrative. In all I do I'm focused on tangible outcomes that get results but I take a friendly (and firm when necessary!) approach to helping you to overcome challenges, whether they're related to external circumstances or internal blocks like limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome. 

I have over 15 years experience helping ambitious creatives to make life changing adjustments at a profound level and my coaching support shows up in their results - their thriving businesses, balanced lifestyles and zest for success. 

No matter where you're starting from or where you want to go, I can help you get there.

I coach and support ambitious individuals to achieve their goals and thrive in all areas of their career, business and lives.


In all I do I'm focused on tangible outcomes that get results

Is where my clients can start to experience my group Masterminds - based around my most successful client blueprints. My dream is now to be able to impact and serve more of the clients that I love.

2021 & beyond

I had my first daughter, which was a game changer for me and the catalyst I needed to fully embrace my self-employed status and go all in with my own business. I haven't looked back, my business doubled year on year and as a single mum of two girls, I am very proud to be serving my dream clients, helping them to achieve their goals and find their purpose. I am proud to be running a successful business on my terms.


I joined a leading wellbeing and performance company and added 1000s more coaching hours to my coaching CV, working with cutting edge media, creative and tech companies to craft results-focused programmes for personal and professional growth.


Following a fantastic and colourful career in the fast paced world of advertising, I decided it was time to start my own business. Coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs it was something that had always appealed to me. I was adamant I needed to move back to the coast and wanted to forge a career and lifestyle that was 100% on my terms. I went back to university, studied hard for a year and graduated with a postgraduate certificate in Executive & Business Coaching from Leeds Becket University. I got 100s of coaching hours under my belt that year, so that I could be officially classed as an EMCC Senior Practitioner. Having professional qualifications and the credibility to match have always been extremely important to me.


I landed my very first job in advertising, at Saatchi & Saatchi's which I thought was prettty cool, as even my dad had heard of them! This was the start of a fantastic and varied career where I worked as a strategic planner on some of the worlds biggest entertainment, car and FMCG brands including Universal, Paramount, Volkswagen, L'Oreal Paris, Mars and GSK. I was strategically planning and managing £30million + budgets and had the time of my life whilst doing it.


My Journey So Far


"In less than 6 months we have completely changed the focus of my business, and not only turning it into a legit business but also ensuring my business supports my personal goals."

"After working with Shereen, my team are motivated, valued and engaged, you couldn’t ask for a better ROI."

"My time working with Shereen had been invaluable to moving me on from a very troubled place to a completely new and positive situation in a remarkably short time."

"Not only is Shereen clearly knowledgeable but she also works with heart, with a real wish for your success. Having a coach like Shereen is a great investment for your success!"

"Shereen helped me to validate my ideas, better understand why I was moving in a certain direction, how to move beyond and that and most of all that I wasn’t alone in the work. ”"

"I felt as though, for the first time in years, someone listened to me without judgement. There was no template with Shereen’s work; it felt personal and tailor-made to my own unique situation."


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