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For ambitious careerists, coaches, consultants & creative entrepreneurs with the drive and determination to make their dreams a reality.

Fed up with treading water and ready to become unstoppable? Revolutionise your mindset, rewrite your strategy and conquer imposter syndrome once and for all with my powerful and intensive Elevate course which equips you with the tools, techniques and personal coaching support to help you make lasting, positive progress. With a focus on clarity, fulfilment and defining and achieving success, you can unlock your inner leader and get behind the driving seat in every area of your life.

If you’re 100% committed to creating lasting change in your life, up-scaling your business, boosting your earning potential and changing your mindset, read on.

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“My business coaching equips you with the precise practical tools you need to get you where you want to be.”



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Mindfulness and mindset are the focus in this final week, with the aim of giving you the internal toolkit for self-mastery. Learn how to bounce back from setbacks, overcome obstacles and pivot your thinking. You’ll come away with practical mindfulness approaches that can transform and expand your sense of power, resilience and control.


It’s time to get success focused and examine what success means to you and put in place some fail-safe practices that will ensure you are spending your time where it counts.


We’ll cover strategy and the key steps that you need to take in order to achieve the goals you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll look at your business or career as a whole, identify priorities and create a 90-day plan with practical actions to achieve success.


We’ll deep dive into the art of the Story and how self-limiting beliefs often stem from the stories we tell ourselves and can hold us back. You’ll learn how to author your own narratives to give you a strong internal foundation - essential for success, satisfaction and joy.


In my Elevate Taster package you’ll have 4 weeks to recharge, re-energise, refresh and refocus your success goals. Comprising of regular sessions which are complemented by hands on practical tasks, this package will give you the foundation tools to thrive and flourish in every area of your career, business and lifestyle. We’ll cover success, strategy, synergy and story, helping you to understand how you can master your mindset, become more resilient and work smarter to achieve your goals.

4 week PACKAGE

The Elevate Taster


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We will also focus on mindfulness, meditation and the practical approaches you can take to foster synergy between your professional and personal life. Success is only authentic when you feel genuine contentment and joy in your life – not just one area of it. I’ll get you stepping into your power, feeling more resilient and in control and feeling more capable to deal with whatever surprises life has in store, by using my tried and trusted mindfulness methods. Example Topics: Building resilience | Mindfulness techniques | Meditation


We’ll get focused on what success looks like and how to achieve it. What behaviours and mindset adjustments it requires as well as what practical measures. I’ll keep your motivation high and ensure you stay accountable to achieving the success you crave and will share with you the following: Example Topics: The mindset secrets of the successful | The art of making goals stick | How to audit your time to ensure success | Reacting, evolving and building on success | How to be proactive and persistent


We’ll refine and revise your business goals and get clear on how to achieve them. Across our sessions I’ll be keeping you accountable to every element of the course so you can only go from strength to strength. We’ll map out a 90 day action plan each quarter for your business and will reimagine how you package yourself and your services so your business can fly. Example Topics: Packaging your services and marketing yourself | Launching a new course or business | Personal branding | 90 Day Vision and Action plan | Energy management | Motivation management | CEO leadership techniques


We’ll go deeper into how stories and beliefs can hold us back. We’ll work on your personal narratives in relation to money, confidence, success and power, giving you a whole new perspective and inner resilience that will see you become completely unstoppable. Example Topics: Money mindset | Overcoming imposter syndrome | Writing your own success stories | Stepping into your power | Owning your beliefs 

spotlight on STORY

An intensive and comprehensive package that equips you with the tools, techniques and support you need to revolutionise your mindset, rewrite your narrative, conquer imposter syndrome and redesign your strategy for lasting, positive progress. I’ll help set you on a new journey toward success and fulfilment by unlocking your inner leader so you can be in the driving seat in every area of your life. I’ll train you to have a CEO mindset and share techniques to manage your energy and motivation so you can step into your power and crucially, stay there. A transformational and intimate package that’ll supercharge you, your strategy, your business and your life. 

3-6 month package

Elevate 10

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"In less than 6 months we have completely changed the focus of my business, and not only turning it into a legit business but also ensuring my business supports my personal goals."

"After working with Shereen, my team are motivated, valued and engaged, you couldn’t ask for a better ROI."

"My time working with Shereen had been invaluable to moving me on from a very troubled place to a completely new and positive situation in a remarkably short time."

"Not only is Shereen clearly knowledgeable but she also works with heart, with a real wish for your success. Having a coach like Shereen is a great investment for your success!"

"Shereen helped me to validate my ideas, better understand why I was moving in a certain direction, how to move beyond and that and most of all that I wasn’t alone in the work. ”"

"I felt as though, for the first time in years, someone listened to me without judgement. There was no template with Shereen’s work; it felt personal and tailor-made to my own unique situation."